Association of Professional Wedding Consultants

The Association of Professional Wedding Consultants was put together back in 2010 as an association to help those that work in the wedding industry.  We are here to help new consultants as well as veterans achieve their certification and to continue to grow and expand their network.  Our founding members saw gaps in the industry and wanted to put together a network where newer wedding consultants can get extensive training and find mentors who can help them in the industry.  The wedding industry can be cut throat and competitive we want to help you succeed.

Choosing Membership

Membership in the Association of Professional Wedding Consultants comes with plenty of perks.  We have a support system in place to help wedding consultant just like you.  We also allow membership for anyone in the wedding industry including, wedding planners, wedding photographers, venue manager, caterers, florists and anyone who helps put together a successful wedding ceremony.  It takes a team to put together a spectacular wedding.  We offer networking events, we understand how integral building relationships are to running a successful business and we want to facilitate these relationships.

Setting the Standard

Our industry is largely unregulated although there are certifications courses that you can take through the AACWP, wedding consultants are left to run their business as they see fit.  We hold our membership to a higher standard.  We want members to understand the wedding industry better than anyone else so that when a couple comes to you looking to plan their wedding you have the skills and connections to serve them.

While membership in our organization is completely voluntary, however we do screen our membership carefully.  When we run networking events or any type of meet and greet you can rest assured that the contacts you make have the credentials that they say they do.  Here is some help in making connections at one of our events.

Applying for Membership

Applying for membership is easy, you can simply get in touch with us here.  Membership is open to anyone in the wedding industry and newcomers to the wedding industry are also welcome to join.  However membership isn’t automatic there is an interview process following the application.

Membership has its benefits, we can help you connect not just with other wedding consultants in your area but build a network of photographers, caterers and other suppliers to add to your arsenal that better allows you to serve your customers.

Get in touch with us today to see the full benefit of joining the Association of Wedding Professionals, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.